A truly unique cultural destination, Azerbaijan boasts a multitude of activities and sights for any intrepid explorer, from the UNESCO recognised archeological sites in Gobustan to the beautiful crystal clear lakes of Nakhchivan.

Azerbaijan is also the perfect ‘fun in the sun’ getaway, with so much to see and do in Baku for all of the family. Why not visit the educational and interactive Carpet Museum by day and enjoy the lit-up fayre on the Boulevard at dusk?

Perhaps you are a couple looking for a relaxing yet metropolitan city break experience? Why not try absorbing the culture of Gandja, Azerbaijan’s second largest city? Gandja was once home to the country’s infamous poet Nizami and his inspiring landscape creates a perfect romantic getaway.


Spotlight on: BAKU

Baku, the windy city, lies bathed in sun on the Caspian Sea in the humble glory of history, culture and tradition. Once a key trade route, and now a financial powerhouse Baku contains everything needed for the cosmopolitan experience, whether it be for a shopping trip for tailored suit or a traditional silk carpet, Baku is a city of calm luxury.

The friendly locals are keen to chat with visitors and will guide you on your way to some of the most incredible contemporary architectural sites in the caucus region. The Heydar Aliyev Centre, celebrating a president loved by his nation is also a spectacularly curved creation of the late Zaha Hadid, the first female architect to win the famous Pritzker award for architecture.

Take a leisurely stroll to step back in time through the walls of the old town. Iceri Sahar, will guide you up and around a wonderfully preserved route of traditional eateries, antiquities and breathtaking views of the City.

Browse through the postcards below to read more about some of the best of the many inspiring attractions on offer in Baku:


Spotlight on: Qabala

Qabala is in the North Western part of Azerbaijan, in green and mountainous region of the caucuses. With Russia a stones throw away from the small rural settlement. This town was once the capital of Caucasian Albania, thus has some rich history in the form of archeological sites and interesting buildings.

Mainly rural area of Azerbaijan but has found itself to be a hub of entertainment in the summer and winter months, with Qabala Land being a fond family theme park located close by for children and Tufan ski complex as a winter sport location.

Qabala is a beautiful place to visit boasting miles of picturesque landscape and natural sites, including the calm and scenic Qabala Lake and Yeddi Gozel waterfall. This government protected landscape, despite being rural is set up for an excursion, whether for a day or site seeing or a weeks vacation. Qabala Airport takes internal flights from Baku and also international from Russia and if you are travelling from Baku, hotels can arrange excursions from as little as 200 Manat in a private car. Qabala is full of hotels for longer stays and is a perfect destination for couples or families.

Azerbaijan Travel Guide

The Azerbaijan Travel guide has been written recently by two of the NO Collective research team members based around their own trip to the city this year. The destination researchers offer a personal human experience of the city and hopefully this guide will offer an enjoyable answer to any concerns you may have whilst traveling to the country.