On Your Flight 

When we traveled to Baku, we flew via Istanbul on Turkish airlines. This is a very large airport, and a common change point. If you change flights here, make sure that you familiarise yourself with the airport on landing, and where your next flight will be taking off from. Ours required a fifteen minute walk from our landing terminal.


Flight to Baku

Transfer in Turkey to Baku

Heydar Aliyev International Airport

On arriving at the airport in Baku, you will be led into a visa / security gate. You will already have your visa, so no need to stop. You may be asked a couple of questions at security about your trip and you will notice that all of the border control security have a pristine green uniform, because the border control in Azerbaijan is carried out not by police but by the Border Agency. Airport staff will all also be very friendly if you need help with anything. While you are at the airport, take a moment to take in the interior of the most beautiful airport you can imagine. If you arrive in the morning you will also be lucky enough to see the airport’s architecture in all of its glory.

Getting To Your Hotel

As mentioned, you are able to exchange your US Dollars for Manat in the main hall of the airport. To get to central Baku, it is easiest to do so via a taxi. There will be lots of taxi drivers hanging around the front of the airport touting for business. The majority of them will know all of the main hotels in Baku, and if you have chosen a smaller hotel, they will know the region it is in from the address. The cost of the trip to central Baku should not be more than 35 Manat. Some taxi drivers will ask for more, but you will be able to Barter with them.

Image through the taxi window to Baku Central

Hotel Lobby in Baku

Arriving At The Hotel

Your hotel concierge will want to take a copy of your passport, this is for your security whilst in the country, so that you are registered at a dwelling. If you are staying in Azerbaijan for more than 10 days, you will need to be registered with the local police station for the duration of your stay. As your hotel to help you with this. They can either register on your behalf or direct you to the police station.