Light Remnant

Light Remnant is an contemporary art residency which was conducted by the InAzerbaijan team in April 2019 to explore connections between Azerbaijan and the United Kingdom through visual outcomes.

Over a seven day residency in Baku, Nick Joubinaux and Tim Ridley will created visual artworks that define, through their practise, the similarities and differences in our two cultures.

A joint contemporary art exhibition took place in Baku on Thursday 11th April 2019 to celebrate the outcomes at ‘Floors The Housing Space’ in Baku’s Old Town. Secondary solo exhibitions occurred in both Cornwall and London with a joint London celebration anticipated in Spring 2020 to a mixed English and Azerbaijani audience in The Embassy of Azerbaijan in London.

An introduction to the resident artists:

Nicholas Joubinaux

An award winning contemporary art photographer based in London. Joubinaux has professionally shot a number of high profile people (Including the late Roger Moore) as well as places and products across the world. His work comprises expert skill in processing image and manipulation of natural light sources as well as composition.

Interested in the publics perception of the medium of photography, Joubinaux current series of work ‘Camera (Regarder)’ allows the viewer an insight into how a camera works.  Also it shows the beautiful process of manipulation of light that the camera lens and eye share. Joubinaux intends to use his time in Baku emulating a camera in ‘large scale’ by setting up spaces as a camera obscura. This is where light is projected from the external images of the skyline, landscape and vista, which then develops onto the internal surfaces of the space and light sensitive photographic paper.

To record these effects Nick experimented with different viewpoints inside a constructed ‘Camera Obscura’. These captured images showed the changing light conditions over time and offered visitors the experience of a ‘live’, fugitive phenomenon.

Click here to read more about the results and archive here.

Tim Ridley

Living in rural Cornwall, Ridley is a fine artist that uses a mix of mediums to explore the differences in contemporary society, with a particular interest in the human and animal divide.

 Tim makes contemporary art and likes to cross disciplinary boundaries with his work and subject matter and exhibits across the UK. A graduate from Chelsea College of Art in London, he is also an associate member of the Penwith Society of Artists and a member of the Newlyn Society of Artists. His current work explores personification of animals through portraiture.

 During his trip to Azerbaijan, he looked to explore these similar human / animal separations in Azerbaijani and Persian miniatures with a different cultural painting style of UK traditional works.

Click here to read more about the results and archive here.

Both artists Nick and Tim are well loved members of their creative communities. Ridley is an active member of Penzance cultural awareness raising groups and Joubinaux is a key leader in building a  cultural space in his local area of London. Both are  members of The NO Collective.