“How important is the landscape in your country?”

Posted by admin in UK Contributor / February 14, 2020

Name: Natalie 

Age: 22

Hometown: Romford, London, England

When people think of the Environment in the UK, their instant thought is London, our “concrete Jungle” full of diversity and cosmopolitan culture.

However, the wider landscape in the UK as a whole, is very green indeed. With over 1.6 million hectares of green belt in the UK, and 60 million acres of farm land, UK as a whole can boast that it has a Green scene of lands, hills and environments that are strong enough to maintain a vast amount of agricultural uses and jobs in the UK. Leading on from this, and looking back to the capital, greater London has a strategy called the Greenbelt, which in effect allows locals and tourists to feel “the country side from their homes”.

The UK is a green land that breeds cultural use. It has become home to the vast festivals in the UK – ranging from Glastonbury in Somerset, T-Park in Hyde Park London, Bestival on the Isle of White and many more, all of which may not be on offer if we didn’t have the available environment.

I think without these green spaces, the UK would be vastly different, and something to be honest, I couldn’t begin to imagine. I do believe that overall, we as a county forget to appreciate the greenery we have, but its something that we should look to more often and protect where we can.

More about Natalie:

I currently work in Carter Jonas, a property company in Oxford Street, London I very much enjoy socialising, I go out a lot with my friends, usually ‘down the pub’ for a couple of beers after work. I also enjoy playing computer games. I play a game called ‘League of Legends’, ‘Laura Croft Tomb Raider’ and ‘Mass effect 3’. I enjoy going to the cinema – I’m big into the DC and Marvel movies at the moment! I have a really varied taste in music, my playlist is a mixture of everything, from techno to cheesy pop songs, but if I were to listen to one band for the rest of my life it would be Oasis.

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