“Do global politics play an important role in shaping your everyday life?”

Posted by admin in UK Contributor / February 15, 2020

Name: Charlotte 

Age: 18

Hometown: Romford, England

As a member of a society that relies on laws and regulations made by a single government, politicians and their policies have a great influence on my life.

At this moment in time various political debates are going on throughout the world which will impact people’s lives. The one that will seemingly have the greatest impact on England itself is the vote to leave the European Union. I know little of what the outcome of this vote to leave will be. And it seems that during the debates conversations were more of a grudge match between Boris Johnson and David Cameron than a discussion of our future. There seemed to be both pros and cons of leaving the European Union and although they are constantly reported in the media I still only know for a fact that when we leave the European Union in 2019 things will change.

Although I do not live In America it is the USA elections that recently sparked my interest. I payed close attention to American politics in particular as they are such a great power globally, and the outcome of these elections can affect every single nation. Although I would have preferred Bernie Sanders to win the election because of his promises for cheap college education and a better lifestyle for the poor, which may encourage British politicians to better my future, I was not happy that Donald Trump gained power as president.

I pay close attention to politics as a whole and am very keen to have my say as I know a single vote could affect my whole future. However as I have only just turned 18 there has been very little I can do to get involved in politics. There are few opportunities that crop up in my local area where an underage person can influence a politician. Even debate clubs are a rarity. Although I hold strong opinions on how politicians should behave and how in general policies could be made better, as an individual with little money and little opportunity I know that there are seldom chances to influence them.

When I think of politics as a whole I don’t necessarily think of law and order like many people do but of missed opportunity because I know that many ‘normal’ people from non wealthy backgrounds will not get the chance to enter the field. Instead similar politicians who have all been taught by the same people will be voted as party leaders. It is likely they will not know what the ‘ordinary’ people want and therefore not much will change. Meaning rather than having my life and future shaped by those who have similar ideas and knowledge of the world it will be shaped by those who have no clue on how someone of my nature will be effected by their policies.


More about Charlotte:

I would describe myself as a full blown geek: I enjoy all things sci-fi and superhero and spend most of my free time on tumblr. Currently, I’m a huge fan of many TV shows such as ‘The Flash’, ‘Agents Of Shield’, ‘Gravity Falls’, ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Sherlock’. As well as loving loads of books like ‘Harry Potter’ and any movies based around marvel. I am also a huge fan of musical theatre, especially any work by ‘Team Starkid’, although I can’t sing for toffees. I love going to conventions and dressing up as my favourite fictional characters as well as being able to see celebrities in real life. I am a cat enthusiast and own 2 myself. (Lily and Lionel)

I love my city because it’s full of interesting people and wonderful architecture.

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