Ilham Aliyev The President of Azerbaijan
İlham Heydar oğlu Aliyev was born on December 24, 1961 in Baku.

Having receiving a doctorate in Philosophy and Historical science from Moscow State International Relationa Institute, Aliyev became a teacher in the institute between 1985 – 1990. Later, moving on from teaching, he worked in commercial enterprise production.

In 1995 Ilham Aliyev joined politics officially and became a representative of the people in parliament. He became president of Azerbaijan in 2003 shortly after the death of previous president, and father Heydar Alyiev . He has been in power since 2003.

National Flag Of Azerbaijan

The Azerbaijani National Flag is a tricolour flag which acts as a symbol of the sovereignty of the Azerbaijani state. Ali bey Huseynzad was the brain behind the flags tricolour. He suggested that the three equal width stripes represented a system of ideology of importance:

Blue represents the Turkic origin of the Azerbaijani people, as blue is connected with idea of Turkism. This makes a link to ancient monuments built in the territories settled by Turkish speaking people.

Red represents the modern society of Azerbaijan, including its development of democracy and modernisation. This was borrowed from the ideology of the struggle of revolutionary France, which red becoming a symbol of the European struggle.

Green represents the affiliation to the Islamic civilisation, Islam religion, which serves the majority of the countries people.

Together the colours form the three ideologies in equal measures; namely, a turkic national culture, Islamic civilisation and a strive towards modern European democracies.

The Crescent and eight-pointed star in the centre of the flag contribute to the connection that Azerbaijan has as one of the 8 Turkic nations.