Baku has a varied night life with bars, pubs and clubs, along with some much loved contemporary jazz bars and international brands, such as The Hard Rock Cafe, providing both food and live music. Azerbaijani people are very respectful when it comes to alcohol consumption, with many Muslim-identifying residents not wanting to drink alcohol at all.There is however a large economy of tourism, especially in Baku for bars and clubs and it is normal to see groups ‘out for the weekend’ in pubs and clubs.

If you are an english tourist in the centre of town, one of the best known streets to journey to is Bashir Safar-oghlu. Right in the centre of town, this street has an english ‘pub’ as well as a couple of karaoke bars where you will bump into other europeans holidaying or away for work.

If you are not looking for a boozy night out there are also a large number of coffee shops and tea bars that open until late. Starbucks has a regular 10pm closing time with other coffee houses following suit.

Here are a selection of places to dine and experience in the evening in Baku:

Hard Rock Cafe

The Hard Rock cafe is an internationally recognised restaurant/ bar which sells American style food and plays original music acts on weekend evenings. Doubling as a cocktail bar, the restaurant doubles as a cocktail bar and sells fun merchandise in its foyer.

Address: 8, Aziz Aliyev str., Sebail District, Baku, AZ1000, Azerbaijan

Visit for more information on opening times and menus.

Bentley’s Bar

This classy bar is tucked away in the exclusive Four Seasons Hotel, just away from the Boulevard – however it is very much open to all. A great place to finish an evening out, or to relax after a full day of sightseeing, it plays chilled music and has a sobering atmosphere. As well as a range of dozens of the worlds finest whiskeys, you can also purchase and smoke a range of cigars inside. Not one for those who cant fathom smoke, but definitely worth it if you enjoy a nostalgia room.

Address: 1 Neftchilar Ave, Baku 1095, Azerbaijan

Visit for more information on opening times and drinks menus.

Alov Jazz Bar

New on the scene, this bar is on the 5th floor of Baku’s infamous ‘Flame Towers’. Although cocktails come with a high price tag, the environment does boast breathtaking live music and surroundings. Contemporary pop to jazz renditions, classics, soul and original tracks by assembles of hugely talented artists within a sophisticated and cosy light show. Serving local wines, off the menu cocktails and complimentary snacks, staff are delightful and accommodating and entertaining. Book for Fridays as the bar can become full, and stay all night!

Address: Flame Towers, 1A, Mehdi Huseyn, Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ1006

Visit; for more information on opening times and drinks menus.


Located in the centre of town, Ozsut is a charming conditori with outside heated seating – suggesting a nighttime in the heart of Paris or Milan. Serving delicious deserts, teas and coffees until late, this beautiful building has a romantic vibe and is jam packed full of young socialites at all hours of the day.

Ozsut serves traditional cakes and deserts as well as some European classics such as black forest gates and pancakes.

Address: Mammadamin Rasul-Zadeh, Baku, Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan (Near Fountain Square)

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