We believe that learning about different cultures and ethnic diversity in the UK from a young age is extremely important – one of the similarities we share with Azerbaijan. Did you know that students in Azerbaijan are very aware of the UK? In fact, it is one of the top chosen places for Azerbaijani’s to study abroad, and all students learn English as a core subject throughout school.

This ancient and diverse country holds a rich tapestry within art, culture, money and power. Inspiring arts and ancient cities adjacent with the rise and fall of modern histories and it’s most poignant leaders and occupiers. From royal shahs to secular communism, Azerbaijan has always had a reputation as a cultural meeting point between the East and West.

Have you ever considered Azerbaijan as a subject when speaking about the Second World War, textile design or contemporary art or literature? There are more ties than you would think between our two nations. Download our free resources to help future generations learn more about how / where / what / why and when ‘In Azerbaijan.’

Non-formal Education – Vegetarian Cooking Cards for 7+ – In Society: Vegetarian Cooking Activity Cards

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Non-formal Education – Group Activity for 11+ – In Society: InfoGraphic Workshop

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Higher Education Resource in Art & Design: An Acceleration of Image and Time: The Trajectory of Painting and Filmmaking in the USSR

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Higher Education Resource in Art & Design: Deconstructing the Art of Faig Ahmed

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Key Stage 3 / 4 Postcards:

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Key Stage 2 Topic Week:

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The NO Collective care about formal and non-formal initiatives, as we bring this non-formal organisation web portal to a UK audience of young people, we also encourage teachers to download our free resources that can fit into the current UK school curriculum to teach young people more about Azerbaijan. The resources aim to be entertaining, yet informative and a little bit different to what is usually taught in lessons.

To learn more about The NO Collective and education provisions, please contact Joe, Co-Founder, Managing Director, and qualified teacher at The NO Collective: