What is the Most Distinct Part of Azerbaijani Culture?

Posted by admin in Azerbaijan Contributor / December 18, 2016

Name: Anar
Age: 21
Hometown: Baku

Last century, Baku was one of the best musical cities of the USSR, in 1908 the first opera had been written by a prominent Azerbaijanian composer Uzayir Hacibeyov. During the last century, our community was significantly interested in cultural events, such as operas, cinemas and exhibitions. However after the war, Cultural development started to descend as a response to the occupation of lands by Armenia, and this occupation led to the flow of people to Baku which ended with a cultural shock in Baku.

Lately, young people are more likely to attend cultural activities rather than adults. Personally I am not a fan of cinema, but i do love to go to art galleries when i have time. My peers are more attracted to go cinema than others, however nobody can judge people for that :).

About traditional dress – honestly, i really like to wear them, I even participated in a particular event as a staff member who exhibits Azerbaijanian dress. Our culture is really close to our neighbours. Most of the cultural beliefs and traditions are almost the same. The cultural measurements about how to behave around people are a really important thing in Azerbaijan, especially outside of Baku, where some small places ware affected by the theoretical aspects of religion, and of course the places where rates of education are below average. Baku is more tolerant and good place to live without these measurements.

When talking about Europe and USA, it is really far from our understanding and life; however, the modern world is more complex than the past, which today the communicational and informational advantages have led to more connections between countries all over the world. There is now no doubt that any crisis in the US or Europe ,either economical or cultural, will affect not only our country, but also the every other.


More About Anar:

“I have recently graduated from National Aviation Academy of Azerbaijan as a lawyer”

“Baku is a bit crowded, however it is possibly the best of the country 🙂”

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