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In Azerbaijan – Is Azerbaijan’s debut web portal in the UK. Researched, written and developed by young people, for young people; this is a web project supported by the Council of State Support to Non-Governmental Organisations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and developed by the UK’s NO Collective.

The website is only home to a vast amount of information about the fascinating country of Azerbaijan; The Land of Fire. It is a catalyst to building a connection of knowledge and cultural heritage between our two countries.

By working with a youth network in both the cities of London and Baku, In Azerbaijan aims to create an information portal that is relevant and useful to young people, and those who teach young people.

In Our Opinion – The website blog is proudly written by NO Collective participants in the UK and AEGEE members in Azerbaijan. The questions are answered truthfully and not censored, to create a real discussion for young people between the two countries. The blog subjects run in parallel to each other to create a conversation between the bloggers.

Educational Resources – The NO Collective care about formal and non-formal initiatives. As we bring this non-formal organisation web portal to a UK audience of young people, we also encourage teachers to download our free resources that can fit into the current UK school curriculum to teach young people more about Azerbaijan. We are privileged to have a qualified and passionate teacher on our team who has created resources to be entertaining, yet informative and a little bit different for students.

Please keep visiting us as we add more information, blogs and resources to the site!

Parliament Building

Introduction to The NO Collective & CSSN Azerbaijan

‘In Azerbaijan’ is a project by The NO Collective under the support of CSSN Azerbaijan: The Council on State Support to NGO’s under the Auspices of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


The Council on State Support to NGO’s under the Auspices of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan
style=”text-align: left;”>Establishment of the Council of State Support to Non-Governmental Organisations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan assists in the development of the independent Azerbaijani statehood and continued fostering of democracy.
As Azerbaijan extends its path of democracy, transformation of society is a socio-political necessity, and Azerbaijan is achieving this every day. As the result of wide discussions held over many years, the public sector has been enriched and developed, and international experiences have been carefully studied. The Concept of the State Support to Non-Governmental Organisations of the Republic of Azerbaijan was approved by a Decree signed by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev on 27 July 2007 which defined the basic principles for the beginning of a new NGO development stage in the country. After key discussions were held in the public sector in response to this the Republic of Azerbaijan was established upon the Decree of the President (dated 13 December 2007) and the Regulations of the Council were approved.
After truly democratic and transparent elections were conducted among NGO representatives, the members of the Council were appointed upon the order of the head of the state (dated 16 April 2008) after which the Council started its activity offering the structure for a democratic process of political discussion around issues within Azerbaijan.

NO Collective

The NO Collective are a group of young art professionals specialising in producing artwork, and teaching through creative means; based in London they work on a local, national, and international scale.
They initiate and facilitate interesting, fun, original art workshops and educational cultural programmes that create a ‘jumping into the deep end’ approach to learning and self-development. They work to build bridges globally between nations, making connections through artists and participants on different sides of the world, helping to foster and encourage open minded, creative, tolerant thinking and collaboration. The authorship of NO artwork is distributed by all those who are involved in its production, thus giving participants a sense of pride and achievement at the end of a project. NO works with a wide span of age-groups with previous project participants including 5 to 85 year olds.

Introduction To The In Azerbaijan Team:

Natalie Bays

– Project Manager
(Co-Founder & Director)

The lead contact on the In Azerbaijan project. Natalie’s professional background is in cultural project management. She has a passion for travelling. Her favourite moment of the project has been visiting the vibrant city of Baku.

Jenny Tengström

– Researcher

Jenny’s explorative nature has beautifully flourished in this project. She has a background in youth work and the arts. A highlight for Jenny on the project has been a ‘black cab’ tour up to the mud volcanoes of Azerbaijan.

Joe Easeman

– Researcher
(Co-Founder & Director)

A qualified teacher, Joe has a real passion for sharing knowledge of different cultures with young people. He also loves a recipe and has spent a memorable time preparing and sharing a Dolma with friends.

Robert Mead

– Lead Writer

Robert’s background in political and historical painting and cultural activity impacts greatly on the insight of the written text. Currently studying for a Masters degree at The University College London, Robert has most enjoyed writing about Azerbaijan’s historic political relationship to Russia.